The Friday Review 02.12.05

A rundown of the latest cinema and DVD releases…

A rundown of the latest cinema and DVD releases…


Doom (15): Lame adaptation of the computer game which sees a group of marines (led by The Rock) take a trip to Mars, where something in the deep, dark innards of a lab has been killing scientists. Like Aliens only without the excitement, good acting and class. (Open now at cinemas nationwide)

Keeping Mum (15): Rowan Atkinson plays a priest in a sleepy village whose frustrated wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) is having an affair with her American golf teacher (Patrick Swayze). When an elderly housekeeper (Maggie Smith) arrives to help out mysterious things start to happen. Gently amusing although it won’t win any awards for originality. (Open now at cinemas nationwide)

Where The Truth Lies (18): When a hotel maid turns up naked and dead in the room of popular ’50s double-act Lanny Morris (Kevin Bacon) and Vince Collins (Colin Firth), it signals the end of their partnership. Fifteen years later, a young journalist (Alison Lohman) meets them to uncover the truth. Not up to the standards of Atom Egoyan’s best work, but still an intelligent drama with solid performances. (Open now at cinemas nationwide)

Other films out this week that we haven’t seen yet but might be worth checking out:
> Lower City
> Steamboy
> The Hidden Blade
> 2 Young


Crash (15): Set over the course of two nights and one day, this multi-stranded ensemble drama dissects the turbulent state of race relations in LA. Starring Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Thandie Newton, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Phillippe and Brendan Fraser it is bold and absorbing stuff, despite sagging in a few places. (Out on Monday 5th)

The 40 Year Old Virgin (15): Unassuming, toy-collecting electrical-store worker Andy (Steve Carell) is goaded by his workmates into admitting that he’s never had sex. Surprisingly funny for a broad commercial comedy, Carrell (best known for his work in the US version of The Office) displays a nice comic touch. (Out on Monday 5th)

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