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Samuel L Jackson talks about “Snakes on a Plane” to TalkSPORT

I interviewed Samuel L Jackson for TalkSPORT recently and we talked about his latest film Snakes on a Plane. We discussed the proposed title change (“Pacific Flight 121” just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?), the enormous buzz about the film on the Internet and how marketing a film like this has changed in recent years. We also chatted his love of golf, the atmosphere of a Merseyside derby and whether or not “Snakes…” will be an inflight movie.

Coincidentally, the interview took place in the same TV studios where, 10 years ago, Samuel first expressed an interest in being in the Star Wars prequel which was in pre-production in the UK at the time. In late 1996 whilst promoting The Long Kiss Goodnight on the Channel 4 chatshow TFI Friday he told host Chris Evans that he’d like to be in the “new Star Wars movie” (which turned out to be The Phantom Menace). Someone saw that and word eventually got back to George Lucas who eventually cast him as Mace Windu.

Anyway, you can download an MP3 of the interview from the link below.

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