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Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden on Half Nelson

An interview with the director Ryan Fleck and co-writer/producer Anna Boden, the team behind Half Nelson.

Half Nelson is out this week at UK cinemas and I recently interviewed the director Ryan Fleck and the co-writer and producer Anna Boden.

It tells the story of a talented Brooklyn school teacher (Ryan Gosling) who is caught smoking crack by one of his pupils (Shareeka Epps). But this is not a traditional classroom drama by any means. With two pitch perfect lead performances and a wise, heartfelt script, it is one of the finest films to come out of the US in the last year.

I spoke to Ryan and Anna about how they got the film made, what the title means, Ryan Gosling’s Oscar nomination and a whole lot more besides.

Have a listen to the interview below:


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Half Nelson opens at UK cinemas on Friday

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