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Remembering Kubrick

Various video tributes to Stanley Kubrick who died on this day in 1999

Stanley Kubrick died on this day in 1999 and here are a series of people paying tribute to him.

Steven Spielberg remembers their relationship:

Tom Cruise recalls working on Eyes Wide Shut (1999):

Nicole Kidman also remembers working on what would be Kubrick’s final film:

Here is a BBC News report the night he died:

In 2001, his regular producer Jan Harlan, director Martin Scorsese and wife Christiane Kubrick joined Charlie Rose for an hour long chat around the release of the documentary Stanley Kubrick, A Life in Pictures.

There is also this montage (by YouTube user vezina2001) set to the music of Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard:

Then there is this montage of all his films:

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