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Mickey Rourke on Charlie Rose

Mickey Rourke sits down for an hour long interview with Charlie Rose.

Fingers crossed he wins the Oscar a week on Sunday.


Benicio Del Toro discusses Che on Charlie Rose

Benicio Del Toro was on The Charlie Rose Show recently discussing Che.

Awards Season Interesting

David Denby and A.O. Scott on the Oscars

David Denby of The New Yorker and A.O. Scott of the New York Times discuss this year’s Oscar nominations with Charlie Rose.


Martin Scorcese on Charlie Rose in 1997

An hour long interview with Martin Scorcese on the Charlie Rose show from 1997 where they discuss Kundun.


Barack Obama on Charlie Rose

Two interesting interviews with the soon to be US President on the Charlie Rose show.

This one is from 2004:


And this one is from 2006:

Cinema Interesting

Sam Mendes talks Revolutionary Road on Charlie Rose

Sam Mendes talks about directing Revolutionary Road on The Charlie Rose Show.

Awards Season Cinema Interesting

David Fincher and Brad Pitt on Charlie Rose

The director and star of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button talk to Charlie Rose for an hour about the film.

The film opens here on Friday 6th February.

> Official site for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
> David Fincher and Brad Pitt at the IMDb

Interesting News

Harold Pinter on Charlie Rose

Harold Pinter died yesterday after a lengthy bout of cancer.

The playwright gave this interview to Charlie Rose in December 2006 where he discussed his life and work.

> Harold Pinter at the IMDb
> New York Times report on his death
> John Lahr profile in The New Yorker from 2007
> Find out more about his life and career at Wikipedia