Live Stream from Tahrir Square in Egypt

Click below for a livestream of the historic events in Egypt as protesters celebrate on the day Hosni Mubarak resigned as president.

Watch live streaming video from cbsnews at

> Film by Oliver Wilkins of the protests on February 1st 2011
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> BBC News Q&A explaining the background to the protests

Interesting Short Films

2011 Egypt Protests

Oliver Wilkins shot some interesting footage of the historic uprisings in Egypt recently before government forces cracked down on anyone with a camera.

A British film maker based in Cairo for the past 12 years, he filmed some of the protests with a GoPro and the Canon 550D.

He says:

As a foreign guest living in Egypt I generally try to steer clear of Egyptian politics. However, what has been happening in Tahrir is totally unprecedented. Itโ€™s amazing to see people making signs from anything lying around them in an attempt to get their voices heard

If any news organisations are reading this you can contact him via his website here.

> Oliver Wilkins at Vimeo
> Find out more about the 2011 Egypt Protests at Wikipedia