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Oscars Real Time with James Franco

Actor and Oscars co-host James Franco recorded a lot of the backstage action last night on his mobile.

When he came out for the opening with Anne Hathaway, you may have noticed him filming the audience on his phone.

He posted a collection of the photos and videos during the ceremony last night, under the name of Oscars Real Time, and they give an interesting glimpse to what goes on backstage at a big TV event like the Oscars.

Video Intro:

Getting in a lift before the show:

Walking Backstage (a Spinal Tap ‘Hello Cleveland‘ vibe to this one):

More walking backstage:

Famous last words right before the show begins (‘it might be bad’):

Entering the stage and filming the audience:

Showing Anne Hathaway something funny on his phone backstage:

Backstage with Anne Hathaway and Oprah Winfrey:

Oscars Real Time: Oprah!

Backstage in drag whilst David Seidler wins for The King’s Speech:

Walking out on stage with the phone in his pocket whilst he introduces Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey:

Backstage with the head writer of the show Jordan:

Laughing backstage with Anne Hathaway:

‘What am I doing?’:

Posing with Billy Crystal and Anne Hathaway:

Oscars Real Time: Billy

Backstage whilst Randy Newman plays the song from Toy Story:

‘Are you filming again?’:

Anne Hathaway tells the audience that the nominees have power bars under their seats:

Oscar writer Bruce Villanch backstage:



The Best Actor bit with Sandra Bullock:

Anne Hathaway gives him a hand massage (not what it sounds like):

At the airport heading back to college:


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Cinema Interviews Podcast

Interview: Seth Rogen and James Franco on Pineapple Express

This week sees the UK release of Pineapple Express, a comedy about two pot-smoking slackers who go on the run after one of them witnesses a murder.

I recently spoke to Seth Rogen and James Franco, the two lead actors in the film, and we discussed various aspects of the movie as well as other projects they have recently been involved in.

Listen to the interview here:


You can also download it as a podcast via iTunes by clicking here.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army is out now at UK cinemas

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