Amusing Awards Season

Robert Duvall is upset at Stanley Kubrick

In a recent round table interview Robert Duvall expressed his anger at director Stanley Kubrick for making actors do so many takes.

The veteran actor was taking part in an awards season discussion for The Hollywood Reporter with fellow actors Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Colin Firth, Ryan Gosling and James Franco.

When he heard David Fincher made Eisenberg do fifty takes in The Social Network he seemed aghast (at 0.53) and put forward his views on Kubrick and the performances in The Shining and A Clockwork Orange (at 2.37).

The discussion of Fincher continues in this second video with Franco chipping in with his opinion and Ruffalo explaining how Fincher’s process worked in Zodiac.

Duvall admits that Fincher got good performances in Seven (1995) and even reveals that he turned down a part in the film.

Presumably he was referring to R. Lee Ermey‘s role? (Ironically, Ermey worked with Kubrick in Full Metal Jacket).

UPDATE: The full video of the round-table discussion is here:

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