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UK DVD Releases: Monday 2nd March 2009

DVD Releases 02-03-09


Ghost Town (Paramount): The first proper leading man role for Ricky Gervais in a mainstream Hollywood movie is a smartly written comedy about a grumpy English dentist in New York who starts seeing ghosts after an operation goes wrong.

Written and directed by David Koepp (who made the overlooked ghost story Stir of Echoes in 1999, as well as penning blockbusters like Spider-Man and Jurassic Park), it has a neat comic setup, solid supporting performances from Greg Kinnear and Tia Leoni and some surprisingly touching moments.

Available on DVD and Blu-ray, the extras are the same on both and include the following:

  • Commentary by David Koepp and Ricky Gervais
  • Making Ghost Town
  • Ghostly Effects
  • Some People Can Do It

Linha De Passe (Pathe): An interesting look at contemporary Brazil through the eyes of four poverty-stricken brothers who live in a favela neighborhood in São Paulo.

Directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May where one of its stars, Sandra Corveloni, won the award for Best Actress.

* Listen to an interview I did back in September with Walter Salles *




100 Feet (DNC Entertainment)
Bad Biology (Revolver)
Burn Notice – Season 1 (Fox)
Charles Darwin & The Tree of Life (2 Entertain)
Ghost Town (Paramount)
Gran Casino (Optimum)
Incendiary (Optimum)
La Bohème (Axiom Films)
Le Cercle Rouge (Optimum)
Le Doulos (Optimum)
Leon Morin Pretre (Optimum)
My Dinner with Andre (Optimum)
My Name is Bruce (Anchor Bay)
Nights of Cabiria (Optimum)
Oz and James Drink to Britain (Acorn Media)
Pride & Glory (EIV)
Quiet Chaos (New Wave Films)
Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Series 2 (Warner)
The Baxter (Momentum)
The Federico Fellini Collection (Optimum)
The Jean-Pierre Melville Collection (Optimum)
The Midnight Meat Train (Lionsgate)
The Warlords (Metrodome)
Transsiberian (Momentum)
Victorian Farm (Acorn Media)
Waterloo Road – Series 3 (Acorn Media)
Wise Blood (Second Sight)

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Cinema Podcast Reviews

The Cinema Review: Tropic Thunder / Linha De Passe

This week on the review podcast we examine Tropic Thunder and Linha De Passe.


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Cinema Interviews Podcast

Interview: Walter Salles on Linha de Passe

Linha de Passe is the story of four poverty-stricken brothers who live in a favela neighborhood in São Paulo, struggling to fight for a better life after their father dies.

Directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, it premiered at the Cannes Film Festival back in May where one of its stars, Sandra Corveloni, won the award for Best Actress.

Walter has directed a number of acclaimed films since the 90s such as Foreign Land (1996), Central Station (1998) and The Motorcycle Diaries (2004).

I recently spoke to him about his latest film and we discussed various aspects of the movie such as football, shooting in São Paul without a permit and whether or not he has seen Steven Soderbergh‘s Che yet.

Listen to the interview here:


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Linha de Passe is out at UK cinemas from this Friday

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> Official UK site for Linha de Passe


Trailer: Linha De Passe

This is the trailer for Linha de Passe, the new film directed by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas which opens in the UK on September 19th.

> Linha de Passe at the IMDb
> Official UK site
> Reactions from Cannes earlier this year

Cannes Festivals

Cannes 2008 Reactions: Linha de Passe

Linha de Passe is the new film from director Walter Salles (who made Central Station and The Motorcycle Diaries) and screened in competition on Saturday.

Linha de Passe

Co-directed by Daniela Thomas it explores the the lives of four brothers in São Paulo struggling to find a better life.

** UPDATE 18/09/08: Listen to our interview with Walter Salles **

Here is a summary of the critical reaction from Cannes:

Todd McCarthy of Variety thinks it is engrossing, but not gripping:

Engrossing if not gripping effort possesses the quality and seriousness to make limited inroads on the international art circuit.

Deborah Young of The Hollywood Reporter admires the film, especially the acting:

‘Linha de passe’ (a soccer term) has a great deal of strength and sincerity going for it, which should attract the kind of audiences who admired the sociological line of “Central Station.”

Hats off to the fine ensemble acting, which is never over-stated and renders each family member intensely individual.

Jonathan Romney of Screen Daily welcomes it as an alternative to recent Brazilian cinema:

Reunited with his co-director on 1996’s Foreign Land, Salles offers a well-knit multi-strander that vividly evokes the rigours of keeping body and soul together in Brazil’s biggest city, while offering a down-to-earth alternative to the more romantic and stylistically flashy films (City of God, Lower City, Berlin winner Elite Squad) with which Brazilian cinema has been identified lately.

Anthony Kaufman of indieWire has mixed feelings:

…an accomplished, though unremarkable competition film that never rises above its familiar tale of a poverty-stricken family.

Ty Burr of the Boston Globe admires the filmmaking but is taken aback by the bleakness of it:

An expertly filmed slice of Sao Paulo kitchen-sink realism, it tells of a family of poverty-stricken brothers who between them represent the many aspects of Brazil’s soul: soccer, sin, Jesus Christ, etc.

Also bleak, bleak, bleak. Salles can really make movies, and he just lovingly ground my face in this one.

Xan Brooks of The Guardian thinksit is a fine film (but had issues with the out-of-sync subtitles):

…the film marks a return to the soulful, socially conscious style he patented in Central Station, focusing on a trio of brothers hunting a route out of poverty, whether that be through football or gangsterism.

It’s a fine movie but the English subtitles keep slipping out of synch, so that they relate to action that’s already been and gone.

Eric Lavelee of IonCinema thinks it is a noteworthy drama:

A return to sources for Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, this is a noteworthy drama without superficial story structures or overly complex characters.

> Linha de Passe at the IMDb
> Find out more about Walter Salles at Wikipedia