Short Films

A Year in New York

This short film by Andrew Clancy eloquently documents a year in New York.

Sometimes it is difficult to precisely say why a combination of images and music works, but I think this effectively captures a time and place.

Amongst the familiar imagery of the Big Apple (the Empire State building, Times Square, Central Park) are more surprising shots: Uruguay fans watching the World Cup and a Bond film showing outside in the park.

The music track is ‘We Don’t Eat’ by James Vincent McMorrow, which is free to download from Amazon this month.

> Andrew Clancy at Vimeo
> More on New York at Wikipedia
> Official James Vincent McMorrow site and his Soundcloud page

Documentaries Short Films


A short film by Andrew Wonder provides a fascinating glimpse of hidden areas in New York City.

Undercity follows urban historian Steve Duncan as he ventures underground to subway stations, sewers, tunnels where the homeless live and the Williamsburg Bridge.

Shot on a Canon 5D MKII in a raw, handheld style it is surprisngly tense, mainly down to the fact that much of the filming was illicit.

Not only does it look professional, but it has an exciting climax with some stunning shots of the Manhattan skyline.

> Andrew Wonder on Vimeo
> Steve Duncan
> NPR story
> NY Times article on The Wilderness Below Your Feet

Short Films

Idiot With A Tripod

Filmmaker Jamie Stuart captured the recent East Coast blizzard in a short film called Idiot With A Tripod.

Known for his short films and film festival reports, he went out into a snow covered New York and shot a homage to the 1929 short “Man With a Movie Camera“.

Notice the use of the track “Painted Sun In Abstract” , which is from the soundtrack to The Social Network by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

After editing and uploading it to his Mutiny Co. website, the link to it spread on Twitter and several blogs before Roger Ebert declared:

“This film deserves to win the Academy Award for best live-action short subject. Any professional will tell you the talent exhibited here is extraordinary.”

From there the mainstream media picked it up and it was featured on sites like New York Observer and the Wall Street Journal.

> Ebert on Idiot With A Tripod
> Mutiny Co.
> WSJ article

Viral Video

Hollywood Destroys New York

A video compilation of New York being destroyed in various Hollywood movies, set to the music of George Gershwin.

[Via BuzzFeed]