Herzog and McCarthy on NPR

The NPR radio show Science Friday recently brought together director Werner Herzog and novelist Cormac McCarthy.

Hosted by Ira Flatow, the discussion is themed on the connection between art and science and also includes physicist Lawrence Krauss.

Aside from being a great meeting of minds, is it a genuinely fascinating hour long talk that also takes in Herzog’s latest documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, his 3D exploration of the ancient Chauvet cave in France.

There are some classic Herzog moments during the discussion in which he says the end of humanity will happen ‘quite soon’ (well, a thousand years) and that even if the human race could escape to the nearest star, there would be ‘madness and murder’ en route.

We also get a classic bit where the German auteur reads a passage from McCarthy’s novel All The Pretty Horses.

> Download the MP3 or subscribe to the podcast via iTunes (it is Hour 2 on the April 8th episode)
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