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Steven Spielberg on Seesmic with Jemima Kiss of The Guardian

Yesterday, The Guardian’s Jemima Kiss managed to ask Steven Spielberg and cast members of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (including Harrison Ford and Karen Allen) a bunch of questions via the new video site Seesmic.

She explains:

Seesmic, the video discussion site, has gone wild this morning as Steven Spielberg, Harrison Ford, George Lucas and more big names from Indiana Jones 4 join a Q&A session on the site.

It’s a simple enough idea but incredibly exciting; I just posted a few direct questions to Spielberg and Karen Allen (Marian was always one of my favourite heroines) and it’s quite a buzz watching them reply directly to your own questions.

Seesmic is quite intimate too – like most people, I just use my webcam and was still wearing my pyjamas when I recorded. But hey, pyjamas have a good internet heritage.

Here is Jemima asking him about his plans for the small screen and the interactivity of the web:

And Spielberg then replied:

Jemima also asked Steven how the Indy films fit into his wider body of work:


Harrison Ford talks about the first day on the set of the latest movie:

Karen Allen discusses the return of her character, Marion Ravenwood:


Great work from Jemima and it is good to see a major studio like Paramount and A-listers like Spielberg embracing this kind of technology.

As someone who has done my fair share of interviews with actors and filmmakers this looks like a really exciting development.

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