Roger Ebert at TED 2011

TED have posted the video of Roger Ebert’s talk from March, where the film critic describes the attempts to remake his voice.

After losing his lower jaw (and nearly his life) to cancer in 2006, he also lost the ability to speak but has since managed to communicate with readers online and even had a Scottish company digitally reconstruct his voice from hours of his television shows.

With the help of the voice program on his Mac, his wife Chaz and friends Dean Ornish and John Hunter, Ebert presents a powerful story, but also makes some profound points about the impact of technology and the Internet.

Among other things, we learn that:

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> Esquire profile from 2010


James Cameron at TED


Interesting Technology

Evan Williams talks about Twitter at TED

For all those who still ‘don’t get’ Twitter, check out this recent talk by its founder Evan Williams at TED.

Interesting Viral Video

Jill Bolte Taylor at TED

Jill Bolte Taylor is a brain scientist who spoke at TED (the technology, entertainment and design conference) back in March.

She gave a memorable speech about her own stroke that has since become a huge viral hit on the web:

[Thanks to Jennifer for reminding me about the speech]

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