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Fear on Film Roundtable Discussion

In 1982 John Landis, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg sat down for a roundtable discussion about horror.

Hosted by Mick Garris, the 26-minute talk was originally created for Universal Studios as a promotional tool, as all three directors had projects there at the time.

Landis was coming off An American Werewolf in London, Carpenter was about to release The Thing and Cronenberg was making Videodrome.

They talk about which horror films inspired them, censorship issues, whether horror films are harmful, special effects, test screenings and re-shoots.

It is unusual to see three directors sit down for a discussion of this kind, especially when they all had horror films out at roughly the same time.

Watch it in three parts:

> John LandisJohn Carpenter and David Cronenberg at Wikipedia
> An American Werewolf in London, The Thing and Videodrome at the IMDb