The Way by Zack Hemsey

The music of Zack Hemsey has found its way into some high profile trailers over the last year and his latest album is called The Way.

Perhaps most famous for his track Mind Heist, which was used in the third and final trailer for Inception (2010), other pieces have featured in trailers for Robin Hood (2010) and The Town (2010).

In fact the trailer for the Ben Affleck crime drama was given a considerable lift by the track Redemption, which features on The Way.

If you liked Mind Heist, then you’ll probably did the rest of the tracks, which feature plenty of epic sounding compositions that make great use of strings and beats.

You can listen to all the the tracks below and buy them from his official website here.

Zack Hemsey’s official site (the album section is here)
Hemsey’s offficial YouTube channel & Blog
Profile of Zack Hemsey
> Listen to several different versions of Mind Heist (the track from the Inception trailer)


New Versions of Mind Heist

Zack Hemsey has released some new versions of Mind Heist, the track that became famous after being used in the final Inception trailer.

The track first came to prominence with the third and final trailer for Chris Nolan’s blockbuster and it really seemed to connect with audiences making it one of the most notable (and spoofed) trailers of the year.

At first some people assumed that Mind Heist was the work of Hans Zimmer, who wrote the film’s memorable score, and Hemsey was quick to point out via his blog that he was actually a different person.

For a time the track wasn’t officially available to buy online but Hemsey recently uploaded the Mind Heist EP to his official YouTube channel, which contains 5 versions of the track.

Notice how the image of train gets gradually closer if you listen to all of them (viewers of the film will get the reference).

There is the original:

Then there is The Birth of an Idea, which expands the original in epic ways by adding more electronica and strings:

No Turning Back is a similar length to the original but uses slightly different musical elements and accentuates the beats:

The Promise of Tomorrow plunges into the and focuses on the nice, rousing vibe:

Evolution is perhaps the one that fans of the film will dig the most. Expanding the original track to 6 minutes, it really builds towards a massive sounding climax:

Hemsey’s music has also been used in trailers for The Town (2010) and Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood (2010) and he was profiled by Soundworks last month.

> Buy the full Mind Heist EP at Zack Hemsey’s official site
> The third and final Inception trailer

Behind The Scenes Interesting music

Zack Hemsey Profile

The Soundworks Collection have done a profile of composer Zack Hemsey.

Most people will have heard his track Mind Heist, which was used in the third and final trailer for Inception (2010).

You might also recognise his music from the trailers for Robin Hood (2010) and The Town (2010).

A New Jersey native, he currently resides in Lake Carmel where he has a home studio.

He describes how he got into music; his influences; and composing, recording and mixing on Logic Pro.

An independent artist, his discography and credits include the following:

Studio albums


Studio albums (under Nine Leaves)

  • Nine Leaves (2006)
  • Peace In Death (2008)

Film trailers

  • “Redemption” from The Town (2010)
  • “Mind Heist”, “Simple Idea” and “True Potential” from Inception (2010)
  • “Character” from Robin Hood (2010)
  • “Changeling” from Trust (2011)


  • “Sanguine Love” and “Second Chances” from CSI: NY (2009-2010)
  • “Cinderella” from The Cleaner (2009)
  • “Cougar Island” from Hunter Hunted (2007)


  • “Moonlight” Chrysler 300
  • “Time Lapse” Taylormade
  • “Count The Ways” Firestone
  • “Sword” Smirnoff
  • “Sweater” Eucerin
  • “Queen Latifah” Jenny Craig
  • “Dizzy” US Cellular
  • “Touche” / “Blink” Kit Kat
  • “Inspired Design” Callaway
  • “Water Balloon” / “Vacation” Enablex
  • “Last Cigarette” Quitters
  • “Resolution” Special K
  • “Train” iShares
  • “Fire Nation Unleashed” Avatar
  • “Parking” GM

> Zack Hemsey’s official site (the album section is here)
> Hemsey’s offficial YouTube channel & Blog
> Soundworks Collection